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We offer tuning kits for 98% of "Fly by wire" turbo diesel injection systems.

For those not understanding this term, I am talking about Electronic Diesel Injection Systems that are controlled by an ECU. All previous, non fly by wire systems or non turbo engines are not realistically tuneable due to the cost and variable results.

The system we sell is RAPID, from Italy and they have been manufacturing these systems for over ten years.

The performance gain from these units is on average a 25% increase in BHP and an increase of at least 50 lbs/ft in TORQUE. Whilst I know most people are concerned with bhp increases and may feel 25% is not as much as they would like, it is the Torque increase that is important and a 50 lbs/ft increase is massive in driving terms.

The reason I mention this is that people are constantly told bhp figures of engines as a way of making comparisons, the reason the bhp figure is used is that it is a universally know term that everybody understands.

The main point that many people do not understand is the relationship between bhp and torque and what they both do in terms of car performance. Simplistically, the more bhp you have the faster top speed the car will have, to overcome the weight of the car and more importantly wind resistance as you get to over 60 mph. Again in simple terms, the wind resistance does not increase at a uniform rate, if a car needs 100 bhp to do 125 mph it will need 200 bhp to go 150 mph, 400 bhp to 175 mph.

These figures are not factual but given to explain the principal. In this day and age of speed restrictions, top speed is very academic, most cars do 120 mph, is it really useful to have the car tuned up to go say 130 mph.

Torque however is the most useful to any driver as this is what gives you acceleration, which is useable every time you drive the car and any increase in torque will improve your acceleration by the percentage increase in torque. Probably one of downsides about diesel engined cars is their inability to overtake traffic as quickly as petrol engined vehicles of similar size, especially at higher road speeds. With one of these kits, this type of inconvenience will be a thing of the past, not only making your journeys quicker but also safer as you do not need to hang out in the outside lane for so long.

Regarding fuel consumption.
The consumption will decrease with the RAPID unit installed, provided you do not use the performance benefit, so during normal driving it will decrease by up to 20%.

All the kits are very easy to fit as they just plug in to the standard connections on the vehicle's wiring system, with no need to cut or join any wires. The fitting time is usually about 30 minutes. The quality of these units is of the highest order, as can be judged by the 1 year warranty.

We offer a full Rapid Installation Service. For further details, contact us at:
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